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We are a group composed of Detectives Privados y Ex-Policía that we operate in Latin America, USA, Europe. To our extensive experience, we must add a vast network of contacts and the resources derived from belonging to the most important International research associations.

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Investigations in Bolivia

Bolivia is a sovereign country located in the central-western region of South America, politically it is constituted as a plurinational state, de-centralized with autonomies. It is organized in nine departments. Its capital is Sucre, Bolivia limits to the north and east with Brazil, to the south with Paraguay and Argentina, and to the west with Chile and Peru, it is a state without littoral and constitutionally maintains a territorial claim to Chile for a sovereign exit to the Pacific Ocean. . In its territory, ancient civilizations such as Tiwanaku, the Hydraulic Culture of Las Lomas, the Moxena culture, the Aymara Nation that survives to the present day were developed. Bolivia has a rich linguistic variety due to its multicultural status. The Political Constitution of the State recognizes 37 official languages, including, in addition to Spanish, all the languages of the indigenous nations originating in Bolivia.

This territory is considered a megadiverse country, because it is located among the countries in the world with the greatest variety of living beings, ecosystems and genetic differences within each species that allow the combination of multiple life forms.

We are your private trustworthy detectives in Bolivia and we offer our services in La Paz, Sucre, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto, Cochabamba, Oruro, Tarijay Potosi.