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Infidelity detection

Infidelity is the order of the day and many can be the causes that lead a person to cheat his partner: constant fights, jealousy that torments, feeling of disinterest on the part of the other, need to take revenge for confusing situations or suspicion of flirting with other people or scarce sexual encounters, among others. Among the main reasons why a person who suspects that their partner cheats on them and approaches a private detective agency, they find the following: * Find evidence to execute a cause of death. divorce in a trial. * Find evidence to end the relationship due to loss of trust in the other person. * Determine the diagnosis in terms of the behavior of the couple. * Discard infidelity as the reason for the debacle of a relationship and its distance. * Know the degree of commitment of a member of the relationship. This request is usually made by the relatives of a member of the couple, before their marriage.


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